Setting up contactform kirby with 2 languages

Been working on a page with 2 languages with /de and /en. Tried to get the form to work with one language first, but getting the error message “The Form could not be sent”. Used the cookbook from the site.

I additionally installed mailhog (which is running) but no mails are received.

Do the files from the cookbook have to be setup identically (as of now) since my folder structure ist as follows:


I hope this is understandable in some way :smiley: Thank you!

Have you set debug => true in your config to get a (hopefully) more detailed error message?

Using the form with multiple languages should not make a difference.

Yes, set debug mode, but no error page. When the button is clicked it looks like it sent, but getting the alert message “The form could not be sent!”
I uploaded the site to a remote server, but still the same issue…

Please check your php.ini settings if sendmail is enabled.

I checked with the Hoster (IONOS) and uploaded a php file with sendmail, but still no luck…

What exactly do you mean with that?

IONOS suggested to upload a file with the following content

sendmail_path=/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i -X mail.log

but I think since mailhog did not work, the mistake has to be somewhere else :neutral_face:

I’m a bit surprised that you don’t get a debug message when sending the mail fails.

But since you uploaded this file, there should be a mail.log file somewhere on the server now that could contain more information.

I´ll will check. Also I´ll set up a blank installtion and try again to integrate the form, maybe this will solve it