Server installation issue with the configuration


I just deployed a new website, but I have a problem with the panel management. The website is functional and editing pages is possible, but it’s not possible to create new pages.
Every time I want to create a page, a JSON file is visible on the page /edition/dialogs/pages/create instead of the page edition panel (see picture below).
The folder rights is correct (I have the same configuration on different server) and the server is running PHP 7.4 and according to the hosting provider (OVH), it has the necessary PHP extensions. The only difference is the hosting provider, so I thought it was a server configuration problem.
Has anyone had a similar problem and would know the source of this problem?


Have you tried deleting the media/panel folder and clearing your browser cache? Maybe something got mixed up during deployment.

I have tried both, but the problem remains. I will use another hosting provider. I only have this problem on this server. On other hosting providers, I have never had this problem.
Thanks for your help.