Separate database for plugins?

is it possible to include database e.g. sqlite within a plugin? or at least be able to connect/load multiple databases?

i found myself not be able to add database settings (usually in config) to add them in my plugin, as well as informations around it…

I posted in the ideas repo about being able to do configs inside plugins, and have them merged with the main configs, to get around stuff like this.

But I think currently, you are out of luck.


yeah was just the idea if there’s a plugin which relies on e.g. sqlite (e.g. newsletter - which i do for my own case) to still be able to have some sort of plug and play plugin.

since at the moment it seems i will have to add the DB Info inside the config file, which kinda takes away the modularity of a plugin…

You don’t have to put database connections into the config file. You can connect ad hoc and put this information into the plugin. As long as you don’t won’t to exchange information between plugins, that’s no problem-

Maybe I don’t quite understand what you want to achieve…