SEO Images Adivce


Do you have some knowledge with images and google images bot ? I had to remove my sitemap file during one or two weeks, and google totally removes all my images from the google images results. Recently, I’ve updated this sitemap and send it to google with Search Console.

I don’t understand why google images takes so much time to index my images ? Is there a way to accelerate the process ?

This is my config. :

User-agent: *
Allow: /
  • And my sitemap.xml is perfeclty clear, indexing every images by pages
  • I’ve sent the sitemap.xml to Google with the Search Console
  • Sitemap validated, robots.txt validated too
  • I’m using alt=“” attribute
  • I’m using also multiple formats 400w, 600w, 800w, etc.
  • Every images are well captioned inside figcaption

This isnt really a Kirby issue, and more a general SEO issue. I would suggest searching wider on the internet for this.