Selfauth for Kirby (IndieAuth plugin)

This is a rather niche plugin, but in case anybody (any IndieWeb enthusiasts around?) has a use for it: I adapted Selfauth to run as an integrated Kirby plugin.

Selfauth is a self-hosted Authorization Endpoint used to login with a personal URL (as Web sign-in) via IndieAuth.

So, my plugin is essentially a wrapper to integrate Selfauth with the Kirby backend …this way, it is possible to log in to IndieAuth-enabled websites by logging in to the Panel. The result is the same as following the RelMeAuth cookbook recipe, but all self-hosted, without third party involvement.

Some more info on my blog and in the readme.

I’ve been using it myself in production for a few weeks and have tested it with a fresh Starterkit. Use at your own risk, but please let me know if you encounter any issues, need help or have other feedback :slight_smile:



Pinging @bastianallgeier because I’m sure he’ll be interested in this one.

Thanks for the ping! This is awesome, @sebastiangreger :raised_hands: I just tweeted about it and also added it to the plugin directory.

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