Search users field

Can I search() the nested fields of a users field? Let’s say I want to search the location field of all the users that are saved to a users field on a given page.

This is of course nonsense but would be what I need. Any ideas?
$results = $conversations->search($query, 'users->location');

No, that’s not possible. The search method only searches inside the fields in the page.

I think you need multiple steps to achieve this:

  • get the users from the pages
  • search within those users’ location field
  • then somehow map that to the pages again

Have to think about this some more…

Okay, that’s what I thought. Or I could use a page.update:after hook to save the users’ locations to a hidden field on the page, which could then be searched . Not very elegant, but could do the trick.

Thanks for the quick feedback!

I got it working like this now:

/* Search */
  $query = get('q');
  if ($query) {
    $results = [];
    /* Search Conversation Title */
    $resultsConversations = $conversations->search($query, 'title');
    foreach ($resultsConversations as $result) {
      $results[] = $result;
    /* Search Users */
    $resultsUsers = $kirby->users()->search($query, 'location|country');
    foreach ($resultsUsers as $result) {
      $results = A::merge($results, $result->getConversations());
    $conversations = pages($results)->sortBy('lastPhotographModified', 'desc');