Search file field meta data

Is it possible have search include file meta date fields?

I have tried using unsuccessfully.

On a search results page, I’d like to have a list of files containing the keyword in a ‘tags’ field defined in the meta data.

Thanks for any clues.


@bastianallgeier is this possible?

Unfortunately it’s not possible so far. I was thinking about adding the search method to file collections as well and the more I think about it the more it makes sense. Right now you would need to implement your own custom filter() method for the file collections to handle this.

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+1 for this feature.

I am trying to implement an image collection editing site where a user can tag images in multiple sections, and then use a search function to filter through the images they’ve tagged. This would present images on one page that would be pulled together from different sections of the site.

My clients need to collaboratively select 100 images from an image set of 10,000+ photos organized in hundreds of sub-folders.

Any news on this possible feature?



This feature is currently not implemented in the core, but there will be something using a third-party service soon that will easily support something like that. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

Is this feature now implemented?
Current problem - seems that $site->$index()->listed()->search('some_keyword'); works only for all page fields. Seems that search is not working for files (metadata) fields…

Kirby 2 has reached EOL at the end of 2020, so new features are no longer developed

If you are referring to Kirby 3,

Or check out this plugin: Search for Kirby

Thank You! Fixed in this thread: How to include annotations of files (images) in search