Run another script from within Kirby Folder


I have been wondering what would be the best way to run 3rd party scripts.

Usually I was using subdomains and symlinks to seperate other scripts and call them on

however with getting an ssl certificate without wildcards or seperate subdomains I would want to move the shop script being able to access it via

however i guess htaccess and several other things might confuse kirby and 3rd party script up, so is there any suggestions for that matter?

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What are you referring to by ‘scripts’?

script such as a

-full fledged shop which usually comes with it’s own pack of files ( htaccess, php, etc )
-newsletter script

basically a software pack from another developer.

I worry it can be conflicting for kirby if there’s a folder named “shop” in root and trying to call

as with kirby’s settings it might want tolook for “content/shop”.

Have you tried it? I use a separate library (OpAuth) and put it inside its own folder in the root of Kirby. Although, it doesn’t need or come with htaccess. Is it possible to do that and put the htaccess stuff from the shop package inside of Kirby’s htaccess file? You may have to do a few tweaks but it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

Same with the panel folder!
Kirby’s routing checks if there is a folder with that name, if nothing is found it checks the content folder and if nothing is found, it checks the routes in the config.php. (I think - but no guarantee)
So just try adding a folder to the root directory :blush:

yeah it works. just added the script, edited the htaccess file which was within the subfolder and everything worked out of the box. thanks