Restricting admin access to certain user accounts?

For a new project I have a requirement that I would like to implement but don’t know how to do it with Kirby 3.6.

I will describe the problem with a simple example:

The customer is a company with three departments:

  • Production
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Every employee/user from the three departments gets an account and can edit his own account.

For each department, there should be an additional admin who, in addition to the pages for the department, should be able to edit the accounts only of the employees in his department.

My question: Can I restrict access to certain accounts in the panel for an admin? Or should I create the users as pages?

You could probably combine different admin user roles (prod_admin, sales_admin) etc. and then use a custom users area, where you filter users by what department they belong to.

Hi, thanks a lot for your Suggestion. I plan to do this for the pages for the different departments. Will filtering also work for accounts/users in the panel?

As suggested above, you would need a extended users area (Panel areas | Kirby CMS), where in the logic you could redefine what users are actually shown for a given role.

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Dear Sonja, thank you so much!

This gem of a CMS and this fantastic forum never cease to surprise me in a positive way. I thought I had looked through all the documentation, but I hadn’t read about “Panel Areas” yet. It looks like Kirby 3.6 came out at just the right time for my project.

Have a very nice weekend