Replacement for _next() and _prev()?

I know there’s a function for previous and next page now, but unless I’m missing something it doesn’t let me filter that so that only items in a certain date range show up. Also, I need to get not only sibling pages but also “cousin” pages and use next/previous all in one list.

So I did this pre-2.0 by using $page->_next($items) and $page->_prev($items) to get next/previous for a given list compared to the current page, instead of just automatically getting next/previous for the current page’s siblings.

It appears that _next and _prev no longer work. Is there another way to do this? Do the built-in next/prev functions work and I just don’t know how?

I used to use _prev() and _next() myself but these are protected methods in Kirby 2. Unfortunately, the prev() and next() functions don’t take a collection as an argument. You may want to have a look at this plugin, which may (or may not) be a solution.