Removing some URLs in footer

We’ve URLs / subpages in our footer who is listed as invisible in backend. We would like to remove some of the URLs in the footer - without deleting any of the pages.

Anyone who can help?


What is your code to display those pages? Are they all unlisted?

You could filter your pages by some sort of category. If there is nothing to filter by in the current state, then introducing a custom field to filter by could be a solution.

Yes all those pages are unlisted in backend. Whenever we create a new subpages under that element, it will show in the footer.

It looks like that the code “only” consists of a table with all the pages. Here is an example:

<ul><li> <a href="/da/segmenter/australien" title="LED Belysning Australien"> LED Belysning Australien </a></li></ul>

As I said, if you want to only include particular subpages, you need a field to filter by, for example:

  type: checkbox
  text: Include in menu?

Then you can filter those pages by this field.