Remove "Do you really want to delete this entry?"

Seriously take it away ! You already have a “Discard changes” in structure field,
it´s just one of those “One more step for mankind” button…

I would just remove it if there is an option to restore the entry (the Dropbox Web version doesn’t ask you and just does the action (delete a file), but gives the opportunity to undo the last action – which is of course the better user experience). Otherwise one could easily delete something by mistake, and if there isn’t an option to restore, this would be really painful, especially for more complex structure entries. So either add an option to undo, or leave it the way it is. :wink:


I agree. Undoing the deletion is difficult as Kirby does not use a database and actually writes to the text files. So in this case Kirby would need to store every piece of content in a second place, preferably version-controlled, which makes it all more complicated.


uhm ok… well:

  1. push delete
  2. A pop-up comes up.
  3. Push the deletion button again, that says “oh are you really really really really sure sir” ?
  4. Do you want to “save” or “discard” deletion sir ?
  5. Push the save button, HELL YEAH

It takes 3 clicks to only delete a freaking structure entry ! For a an entire page I can agree but
not for an single structure field…

I really like the “discard” / “save” option letting the user know, hey are you sure, but letting
the user know like 3 times is overkilling it and gets frustrating !