Remote-Class with local domain

I have a custom api endpoint to generate a static json file with keywords of each page.

Is it possible to trigger these endpoint from a hook (e.g. page.create:after) to generate it again?

In Kirby 2 it was possible, but in Kirby 3 i have some issues with the Remote-Class:
Could not resolve: xyz.test (Domain name not found)

xyz.test is just a local domain.

'hooks' => [
	'page.update:after' => function ($page) {
		$email = '';
		$password = 'xxx';

		Remote::get('https://xyz.test/api/search/keywords', [
			'headers' => [
				'Authorization: Basic ' . base64_encode($email . ':' . $password)

This worked for me in my local valet environment, but obviously not for the TO:

Thinking of new way: Is it possible to call a function from another plugin inside of a hook?

So the proposed solution didn’t work for you, either? Have you tested the code on a remote server yet?

It works on a remote server. I don’t like the solution for locale environments, because every dev needs to tweak his environment.

To call a function from another plugin would be the better solution for my case. Is it possible?

I think it should be no problem to use a function defined in another plugin within a hook.