Reduce overwriting of .jobs?


I’m administrating a server with a couple Kirby sites and I’ve been trying to reduce the amount of disk I/O.

As such, I’m using inotifywait to monitor all disk activity in the Kirby site directories.

One of the issues I’ve noticed is the constant writing of .jobs files. Specifically, for every defined resolution of scaled images. Annoyingly, unless the images are actually there, the jobs are created every single request (replacing the same .jobs files).

Is this normal? Shouldn’t they just be created once? The files are being replaced with the same contents every single request.

Is this stil in an issue, now that you have instaled GD? The creation of .jobs files is normal for image manipulation operations.

This should be fixed once gd is enabled, what @masterblaster means is that the job files get recreated each time when thumb creation fails.

I don’t really think this is a big issue as creating these files shouldn’t really create a huge load on the server. And in any case, a server with gd not enabled does not meet the installation requirements.

@masterblaster Feel free to create an issue on GitHub though.

no, i enabled gd and the other issue was fixed. but this issue remains. it’s true, it’s not really a lot of I/O. but i’m trying to clean up unnecessary I/O on this server, for other reasons.