Redirected to login page when editing file in the panel


When I try to edit a file in the panel, I get redirected to login page.
When I login there, nothing happens. I have to go back to /panel/site then login to access panel.

  • I’m having this issue only on my dev server, works fine on my local environment
  • I have reset files and folders permissions as advised in the guide (installation issues)
  • I have recently batch-updated the content and think the issue appeared after this operation. It was working a couple of days ago.

I have searched the doc and forum with no luck
Maybe someone has already faced a similar issue and could advise?


I have also tried installing the Starter Kit on another fresh server, and I’m getting the same issue

Maybe this comes from my hosting provider? Cloudways, PHP 8.1

What exactly did you do?

According to your first post, the site worked fine a couple of days ago, but if the Starterkit doesn’t work now, it’s rather unlikely that it stopped working because of your changes?

Wondering if that is some caching issue. Make sure that your hosting service doesn’t have some aggressive caching enabled, at least not for the Panel.

Thanks for your answer

Would Varnish qualify as an aggressive caching ?

Well. I have disabled varnish and now I can edit files!
Thanks for your help and pointing me in the right direction @texnixe