Query isHidden in template?

Hi, I use the Microsite Blueprint from GIT.

If I place an element and set it to hidden in the panel, var_dump($page); sets the element to isHidden:true. However, unfortunately I have no idea how to set this status in the template. Anybody have an idea or a tip?
Thanks in advance.

What exactly do you want to achieve? Individual blocks can be hidden and they are not rendered by default.

In the microsite template, all blocks are echoed here on line 8: demokit/microsite.php at 17662a07faffafb90faaea888e8788f8ff9f25c1 · getkirby/demokit · GitHub

However, you can also go through all blocks individually instead:

$blocks = $column->blocks();
foreach ( $blocks as $block ): {
  // now you have access to the block element and can use all methods

Hope this helps.

Thank you.
I have a column view, above the image below the text.
The image should not be displayed in the frontend, the customer should be able to show and hide the elements he needs.

I think the only way to actually hide complete layouts (as apposed to blocks), is via layout settings (maybe use a toggle field to switch between hidden/show).

You can then query the value of this layout setting via $layout->attrs(): $layout->attrs() | Kirby

ok, thanks. I will try this