Pull specific rows from structure field onto another page

I’m working on a festival site that has event listings. Each event has different sponsors, and some sponsors are festival wide and should be displayed on the home page. I’ve set up a universal sponsor blueprint with a boolean to pull festival sponsors onto the home page:

Sponsors blueprint:

            label: "Sponsors & Special Thanks"
            type: structure
            help: Use a .png with transparent background for sponsor logo file.
                label: Sponsor name
                type: text
                icon: file-image
                label: Sponsor logo
                type: files
                max: 1
                label: Sponsor website
                type: url
                label: Sponsor level
                type: select
                  - "CMYK"
                  - "Duotone"
                  - "Spot Color"
                  - "Studio Tour"
                  - "Special Thanks"
                  - "Community Partner"
                label: "Display on home page?"
                type: toggle
                  - "No"
                  - "Yes"

On the individual event pages, I’m querying the sponsor structure field to select event sponsors from the main list:

            label: Event Sponsors
            type: multiselect
            options: query
              fetch: site.find('sponsors').sponsors.toStructure
              text: "{{ structureItem.sponsor_name }}"
              value: "{{ structureItem.sponsor_name.slug }}"
            help: Add sponsors via the sponsors and special thanks section on the panel landing page.

In my snippet, no issues filtering the sponsors that should be displayed on the home page. But I’m not sure how to filter the structure field / pull in the event specific sponsors from the multiselect field.

    // Check for home page
    if($page == page('home')) $sponsors = page('sponsors')->sponsors()->toStructure()->filterBy('sponsor_home', 'true');
    // If not home page, pull event sponsors
    else($sponsors = $page->event_sponsors() [HELP] );

You can filter your sponsor by the values in the sponsor_name field. Since you are storing a slugged version of the name, you have to convert the value to slug when filtering as well.

$allSponsors = page('sponsors')->sponsors()->toStructure();
$eventSponsors = $allSponsors->filter(function($sponsor) use($page) {
  return in_array($sponsor->sponsor_name()->slug(), $page->event_sponsors()->split(','));

Thank you, that works beautifully.