Protect a single child


Let’s say I have a page “Tags” with the “tags” template, with children using the “tag” template.
I want users to be able able to freely add and delete tags. However I want one single tag to be protected; the user can not delete, change the title, change the status etc. This protected tag would be used as the default option for a select field querying all pages using the “tag” template.

How can I go about protecting a single child page, other that using css to disable / hide the buttons?

One way possibility would be to create a “tagprotected” template, with the relevant options disabled, and assign this manually to my protected tag. However, this would cause problems as I a have a section blueprint with the template option set to “tag”, so when clicking the “add” button tags automatically use the correct template. I could use “templates” - tags - tagsprotected, but I do not want users to have the option of selected the tagsprotected template.


That would be the way to go.

But you can additionally set the create property to make sure that new pages can only be created with the tag template.