Problem with structure and filter (array to string conversion error)

I’m trying to filter a set of pages based on a value from its structure. But I can’t get pass the error:

Array to string conversion

This is my controller for the page location.php :

return function ($page) {
    // location unique ID
    $currentID = $page->content()->uuid()->value();
    // Films from season1 filterBy related location
    $films = page('programmation/saison1')->children()->listed()->filter(function ($child) use($currentID){
        if($child->practical_information()->toStructure()->filterBy('location', '*=', $currentID)) return $child;
    return [
        'films' => $films

Any advice would be highly appreciated!

$films = page('programmation/saison1')->children()->listed()->filter(fn ($child) => $child->practical_information()->toStructure()->filterBy('location', '*=', $currentID)->count() > 0);

Thank you for your reply. I tried it but same error. The issue seems that when using the uuid in a field and filtering it with the ->filterBy, kirby reads the uuid as a page object instead of a string value. So what I did currently, is to force, the structure into an array with ->yaml() and then search with array_column and in_array.

Not ideal but it works.

$films = $films->filter(function ($child) use ($page) {
    $yaml = $child->practical_information()->yaml();
    return in_array($page->uuid(), array_column($yaml, 'location'));