Problem with characters encode

Hi folks :upside_down_face:

I have a little issue, that I cannot fix because of a lack of knowledge on the web characters encodage.

The problem I have is with the “é” char of “décembre” when i want to display the current month + year of a calendar.

Here is a capture of my website

And my code :

$callbackYear = function($p) {
  return $p->date()->toDate('%Y');
// function that returns the formatted month
$callbackMonth = function($q) {
  return $q->date()->toDate('%B');
// group items using $callback
$groupedItems = collection('calendrier')
                ->sortBy('date', 'desc')

// output items by year
foreach($groupedItems as $year => $itemsPerYear): ?>
  $groupedMonthItems = $itemsPerYear->group($callbackMonth);
  // output items by month
  foreach($groupedMonthItems as $month => $itemsPerMonth):?>
    <div class="month-wrapper">
    <h2><?=$month?> <?=$year?></h2>
    <?php foreach($itemsPerMonth as $evenement) : ?>
      <article class="item-calendrier
                     <?= $evenement->date()->toDate() < time() ? "passes": "a-venir" ?>"
          <div class="typeetdate">
            <p class="type"><?=$evenement->typeevent()?></p>
            <p class="date"><?=$evenement->date()->toDate('%d %b. %Y')?></p>
          <?php if($evenement->categories()->isNotEmpty()):?>
            <div class="p-tags">
              <?php foreach ($evenement->categories()->split() as $type): ?>
              <?php endforeach ?>
          <?php endif ?>

Maybe I have to use a function to translate or format my string char ?
Can anyone help me ?

Thank’s a lot !

Have a nice december,

Zellda :space_invader: