[POLL] Structure Support in v2 of AutoID plugin

I dropped support for structures with major code refactorization for v2 since i did not use them much and for a free plugin its very time consuming to do right. But it seems a lot of people miss it.

Do you need structures with an autoid? Why?

  • No Structures
  • Structures (but not Structure in Structure)
  • Nested Structures

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  • Use a Structure with unique id used in queries of other fields
  • Use a Structure to create or update Pages (linked by autoid)
  • other usecase (please explain)

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using a structure instead of a full page object because

  • the amount of data to be edited is just too small or
  • having to edit the data not in a modal but separate panel page is too cumbersome.

structure support. https://github.com/bnomei/kirby3-autoid
but be sure to test since its a brand new implementation.