Plugin for payment barrier

Hello, we’re looking for an offer for a kirby 3 plugin.

This should be able to lock up any of our pages or mediafiles. And unlock it if a payment was made.
The plugin should accept all payment methods, like

  • paypal
  • credit cards
  • sofort
  • klarna
  • apple pay
  • google pay
  • giropay
  • no limts

and the possibility to extend.

Also we need different options like

  • once
  • monthly
  • free donation
  • bundle of 10 views
  • and so on.

There should be a kirby tag and a general settings-page in the panel to control this plugin.

Please let us know, what informations do you need, to make an offer.

Only german speakers…
Wir können leider nur Deutsch sprechenden Menschen den Auftrag geben, da wir die Materie barrierefrei besprechen können wollen.

Thank You!

André Lehnert