Plugin for an extended structure field with more than one kind of field set

Plans? Yes. An idea how? Not yet :wink:

It is quite hard to get an insight on how the panel exactly handles the field content both in Javascript and PHP. There are still some correlation and mechanisms that I do not fully understand.

That’s just great !!
Testing now :slight_smile:

I’ve used it in the latest theme I just published:

Thanks for this awesome plugin. It’s really making our lives easier.

This is great. Excellent work. But I think the entry buttons hidden within the drop-down is cleaner/less cluttered, and it’s more scalable. Only a few entry types will lead to a pile of buttons below - probably breaking to two or more lines. This is compounded when viewed on small view ports.

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I agree. Having this as a field option would be awesome. Then the developer could decide if a select field or buttons are displayed.

Great work, @timoetting!

I created an issue on github yesterday for this asking to be a field option and @timoetting will ads it soon.

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@timoetting Just discovering this now and it’s wonderful. It pairs well with @bastianallgeier’s pattern plugin.

In fact it pairs so well, that I wonder if there’s isn’t a good way to reduce some redundancy when the two are used together? I’m not sure if this is the right place for such a suggestion, but wanted to mention it.

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This is great plugin, thanks so much for your work!

Quick question though: does the plugin support the width: option that normal panel fields support? I saw the reply from @Thiousi, who seems to have width: 1/2 applied to his structure fields. However, I seem to be unable to get it working in my blueprint(s). For example, my code below should allow the user to add both a 1/2 width text field as well as a full width text field to the site. Of course, the half width textfield should only be shown as a half width textfield in the panel as well, as this resembles what it will look like in the front end.

title: Home
pages: false
    label: Title
    type:  text
    label: Home Sections
    type: builder
        label: Simple Text Box (full width)
        snippet: sections/simpletext_full
            label: Text (Full Width)
            type: textarea
        label: Simple Text Box (1/2 width)
        snippet: sections/simpletext_half
        width: 1/2
            label: Text (Half Width)
            type: textarea

As you can see, I tried to apply width: 1/2 to the half width text field. However, the field still appears full width in the panel. (Even if I put another half width field next to it.) Has anyone got any idea what I’m doing wrong?

(Of course, I could probably do some weird custom panel css for certain fields, but I would prefer the native version as it’s much cleaner. :slight_smile:)

Thanks for your help! And thanks for the awesome plugin, it really is a great extension of Kirby’s core functionality.

Hey there !
The width 1/2 is not used here. There is a custom panel css at play that makes the structure fields look that way.
Have a look at this post:

Does this plugin can be used with “Kirby Patterns”?
This would be great!


You mean calling a pattern instead of a snippet to output the content of the field? Yes, that should be possible.

I’m evaluating this Builder plugin against the Kirby Modules Plugin. Both has it’s pros and cons.

For the end user, I like the approach of the Kirby Builder plugin, where everything is on one page. When editing a module/section, you can always see what other page content before and after. In the Kirby Modules Plugin, you lose context when editing a module, since the module is a different page.

And I’m not sure if I like the approach that the Kirby Modules Plugin uses subpages for storing content. It feels like a hack. And some of it’s drawbacks is that you can’t delete a page that has modules. But the big thing that holds me back is the fact that you jumps to a different page when editing a module, and thus loses context.

The Kirby Builder Plugin has a big drawback that you can’t use structured fields. But apart from that, it seems like a more easier plugin for the end user.

But, when looking at the repos, the Kirby Builder Plugin has not had much activity since the summer of 2016. The Kirby Modules Plugin seems more actively maintained. Does @timoetting or someone else intend to keep maintain the plugin?

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I haven’t tested it myself yet, but the Kirby modules field in conjunction with the modules plugin would resolve some of the problems you have with the modules approach:

While I really like the Builder plugin, it’s main drawback is the fact that you can’t used structure fields within, which makes it unusable in some contexts, unfortunately.

Yes, I have used the plugin in conjunction with the modules field plugin. It’s easier for the user with that plugin added, but the main problem is that each module is a subpage, so you lose context when editing a module.

As I’m in the progress of making a modules plugin/field video and also a structure field video with some builder comments for Kirby Courses, I recommend the modules solution.

Advantages of the modules approach:

  • PHP preview file instead of entry enabling more logic. That way you won’t “(…) lose context when editing a module” in my opinion.
  • Easier interface with the modules field, especially with a lot of “fieldsets”
  • I see the subpages as an advantage because of involuntary overriding
  • Nesting

Agreed, still, there are more advantages than disadvantages in my opinion. But of course, it depends on your client and your needs for certain features. Hopefully, we will have some sort of core structure field that allows nesting in the future, but as we cannot build on that now, we have to find the most stable alternative for our clients.


Duplicate button (Solution).

Has anyone tried using the Builder plugin with the Kirby Field Toggle plugin?

I have tried using the field toggle plugin to help with selecting items in a field group based off selecting certain field group parents.

Here is the thread I started that shows what I’m trying to do.

Same blueprint, same template, different page content

Hey thread, long time no see!

I just wanted to inform you that there is a new version of Kirby Builder for Kirby v3.

Have a nice day.