Permalinks to single items within a structure

Hi all, I’ve been using a structure to build a digital archive. All the items are shown on one page which works beautifully. However, I’d like the items to be accessible individually so that I could e.g. link to a particular entry in the archive. Is that at all possible? And if so, what would be a clever way to approach it? I’ve been getting a little stuck on this issue, so any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

This is what the blueprint looks like:

    label: Archive
    type: structure
        label: Date
        type: date
        width: 1/4
        label: Time 
        type: time
        step: 1
        width: 1/4
        label: Category
        type: select
          song: Song
          image: Image
          video: Video
          text: Text
          link: Link
          topic: Topic
          film: Film
        width: 1/4
        label: Highlight 
        type: checkboxes
          yes: Highlight
        width: 1/4
        label: Text
        type: textarea
        width: 1/2
        label: Comment
        type: textarea
        width: 1/2
        label: Files
        type: files
        width: 1/2
        multiple: false
        label: Link
        type: url
        width: 1/2

Wouldn’t it make more sense to create pages instead of structure items for this purpose?

It would be possible of course to access individual items, either by creating a route or create virtual pages from the items…

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You’re absolutely right. Got so caught up in the structure that I didn’t realise (sub)pages actually make a lot more sense in this case. Thank you!