Performance from PHP 5 to PHP 7

I don’t know if it is the reason, but I just switch from PHP5 to PHP7 on ovh but Admin Panel become incredibly fast !

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I’m also running a website on PHP7 and everything is really fast.

Yes, that was most definitely the reason. PHP has become incredibly efficient with PHP 7.

I saw a perfomance boost up to 50% for the core and panel in my own tests with PHP 7. It’s a monster.


PHP is definitely faster and much better than PHP 5. My hosting provider, Cloudways recently announced PHP 7 support. I immediately switched my WordPress website from PHP 5.5 to PHP 7. I also saw benchmarks of PHP 7 with WordPress on their blog. The avg. response time was 4ms with caching enabled. On the other hand, PHP 5.5 avg. response time was 208ms. That’s quite a difference.