Password Protect Page

Hey guys,
is there a way to redirect a user after login to a specific page which is only for this one user?

Small Example:
User 1 redirect to Page 1
User 2 redirect to Page 2

Thanks for your help.

Have a look at this post: Authentication, private pages direct urls

Yep thanks for your reply, but in this post can every logged in user see the privacy pages.
But i want that only the selected user can view the page and not all logged in users.


Yes, but all you have to do is use an if / else if statement that checks for the logged in user and redirects accordingly:

if($site->user() == "abc") {
  go('page-one'); }
else if ...

or use case instead if you have multiple if statements

Ok and a dynamic way is not possible, so i can add a new page via the panel with a user select field?

Of course, you can also check for a user field in your page’s text file:

if($site->user()->username() == $page->user() { ... }

Thanks, it works perfect.