Panel fields layout or styling issue


My client is experiencing very strange behaviour in the panel, where the layout of the fields seems to have be unstyled, making everything look out of place and not usable.

What’s odd is that I cannot recreate this issue at all. The client is using a recent version of Safari. I have looked at this in all major browsers, but everything just looks fine to me. Because I can’t recreate the issue, I was thinking that I could be related to the browser, caching etc. . However, didn’t found anything that solved this yet.

(According to the client) the problem only occured recently, after creating a new page. The panel was working perfectly before.

I’m using the field-engineer plugin by @jenstornell for almost every field. Perhaps the issue has something to do with the plugin? Amazing plugin anyhow, it really saved me to make a website with Kirby CMS as modular and dynamic as the client wished.

Attached is a screenshot (Very low-res, clients doing…) which shows the panel fields looking out of place.

Thanks for any help.


Does this affect all pages now? Or only specific ones?

Unfortunately, there’s almost nothing to discern from that screenshot.

What I’d look out for is JavaScript errors, maybe two fields that don’t play well together?

Just a long shot, but browsers block things if you mix protocols. For example, if you had a style sheet linked on the page via http, but the site was running under https, it would probably block the stylesheet because it is coming from an insecure location.

Try making sure everything is coming from the right protocol. The browsers dev tools should tell you if anything is blocked.

Thanks for the swift help guys.

I had asked the client to try a different browser and see if the problem persists, and apparently everything’s back to normal now. If only I could recreate the problem, I would be able to pinpoint an find the cause. Sadly, it seems we will never know now.

Maybe it was some sort of loading issues. How about instructing the client to look out for loading errors or Javascript errors if the issue comes up again if it is not beyond their skills.

I guess if your client was on WIFI at the time and the signal happened to drop at the exact time they hit the panel, it may not have got everything it needed to load the page properly. That’s a pretty freak occurrence though.