Panel Field Changes Get Reset

Moved site from local development to Ipage hosting. Site works the same as local, the panel is accessible with field data, but when changing panel fields if I click the “save” dialog at the bottom of the page, the changed fields revert to their previous state. Same thing happens with uploaded images.

Checked the Ipage file manager, all folders appear to be 755 and all files 644.

Can create new users and can create pages programmatically (users can sign up for events from the front end).

Any ideas why this might be the case? Something in the server configuration?

Do you get any errors in your console? If it only concerns updating, it might be an issue with blocked PATCH requests. If uploading images also doesn’t work, then :thinking:. We have seen this several times that providers block those requests “for security reasons”. But you should usually see an error pop up in your console.

Thanks for the response. There are no console errors. The hosting company says they do not allow PATCH requests. Is there a workaround?

Uploading images from a ‘files’ field succeeds in adding those images to the server, but the field resets just like other content fields so the image does not display. But if you then check the ‘select’ option of the files field the image is visible.

No, I don’t think so, the API is only allows certain request methods for each route.

Hm, and the provider is not willing to change that? Can you change providers?

Thanks. I think I will have to change providers.