Panel Error caused by GLOB_BRACE in Kirby2.2

I red that this issue has something to do width STRATO Hosting (Germany).
GLOB_BRACE in panel/app/src/panel/models/page/blueprint.php on line 62 causes panel Error.
Error page says "Use of undefined constant GLOB_BRACE" and "glob() expects parameter 2 to be long".
Anyone can help me with this?

As you wrote, STRATO doesn’t support the GLOB_BRACE option.

This is not an issue with Kirby directly, but I think Kirby should use a fallback for systems that don’t support the option. I have added an issue over on GitHub. Thanks for reporting the issue!


does there already exist a workaround?..?
I am having the same Problem and the access to the panel is not possible with this error…

I believe this problem existed in previous versions too?
I am not sure if changing the host is an option…

Viele GrĂĽĂźe

Also very interested in a solution!

I will try to build a fix for this today. I will keep you updated. Checking the PHP docs it looked safe to me to use GLOB_BRACE, but unfortunately it isn’t. Sorry!


Is there already a fix/workaround yet or when will it be published… ?

The fix is already on the develop branch of the Panel. You will also need to upgrade the Toolkit to the develop branch.

This will also be included in the next Kirby release.