Panel doesn’t work properly in Chrome


when i moved project from local host to server, there is some weird behavior in panel:

  • items disappear from files field when save, or switch to other language,
  • some text fields as well
  • language switch doesn’t show (sometimes)
  • it’s not possible to delete page
  • maybe some other strange things, because behaviour of panel is very confusing

but, it happens only in Chrome. I also work in Safari when everything goes well. So I suppose that on server side is also everything ok (for first time I suppose that “mb string” in php is not installed, or something similar which I saw here in forum).

Doesn’t tested in Firefox and other browsers yet, I will let you know.

Do you have any ideas, or similar experiences?

Thank you so much!

if it only happens in a single browser, it might be a chrome cache or server cache issue… do you have the option to test it on google chrome on a different machine? alternatively, try using chrome in incognito mode, or disable chrome cache and try again

Well, it’s working well with disabled chrome cache. Thanks for this tip.

i assume you have already performed a hard refresh…
are you using a hosting provider or your own server? if it’s the former, you could check if varnish cache – or any other server caching – is enabled, and disable it.

Hard refresh – sure.
I’m using server provider, standard hosting. So I’m going examine this varnish cache.
Thank you again.