Panel: Back doesn't work?

I’ve noticed lately that when I am in the panel, click around and then go ‘back’, the address bar updates but the panel/page does not. I’ve tried also with a completely fresh clone of the starterkit v3.5.3.1 and in both firefox 88.0b8 and Chrome 89.0.4389.128 - remotely and also on a local valet install.

I don’t see any errors in the console, the only way to resume navigating the site is through a hard refresh or clicking on the panel.

Has the behavior ever been different?

It seems to be inconsistent. It appears to happen after logging in. If I am already logged in and open the panel in a new tab/window, it seems to work properly.

There’s an issue already on Github

Ah I see, sorry I should have checked the github issues first. Thank you.