Page only available Logged in - Using Starterkit Example


it’s tough to describe, but i try to.
I used the Starterkit as an Example to create a Page, which has Stories.
Similar to the “Notes” in the Starterkit. I set up everything from the scratch.

In the Starterkit, there are Notes or Photoalbum Pages in the right Section under “Pages”, but they are available.

Now i have my Page “Stories”, which has all the Stories, but it is only available when i am logged in.

I think missed a Configuration somewhere, but i don’t which it might be.

Happy to get a hint.

Thank you!

Is the page still a draft? Drafts are only visible to logged in users on the frontend. You have to publish the page.

Hello Texine,
the Page “Stories” is not a Page as “About” or “Imprint”.
It’s a collection of Stories. And the Page “Stories” is not shown under “Pages”, like in the Starterkit the Notes are not under Pages, but the single Note is available.

Hope i don’t confuse too much.

Thank you

What I don’t understand:

In your first post you are talking about having to log in to see a page. The can only refer to the frontend, because to view stuff in the Panel, you have to be logged in anyway.

In your last post, you are talking about the Panel only.

So I must admit, I’m pretty confused as to what we are talking about now.

Sorry @texnixe

I have a Blueprint “Stories” similar as “Notes” (From the Starterkit).
That “Stories” Blueprint has Sub-Stories, like the Notes.

But i can’t access a Story by URL (.tld/stories/storyname), as long as i am not logged into the panel as an Admin.

You said, is the Page listed, there is no Page, like in the Starterkit is no “Notes” Page.

There is a Notes page in the Starterkit!

Look into your content folder.

@texnixe and Everybody i may have annoyed with this Thread… SORRY! :smiley:
I think i made a real embarrissing mistake.

… thank you @texnixe!

PS: Thread can be deleted