Organizing Kirby Blocks in subfolders within the blocks folder

I was wondering if there is the possibilty to store different kind of blocks in different subfolders. Blocks | Kirby CMS

This was possible with the kirby-builder plugin, but it does not seem to work anymore sadly with the new kirby blocks. With the kirby-builder I was able to do something like:

  label: Medien
  type: builder
  columns: 1
    image: blocks/media/image
    slider: blocks/media/slider
    iframe: blocks/media/iframe
    youtube: blocks/media/youtube

Beeing able to organzise differnt type of blocks within different subfolders.

I’ve tried around a bit, but I wasnt able to find, if I somehow am able to do the same type of organiztation with the new Kirby Blocks, which would be very nice for organisation purposes since I have over 75 different blocks.

If you register them in a plugin instead of throwing them into the site/blueprints/blocks folder you can organize them however you like.

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Alright, thank you. I will look into it.