Oembed rare issue

Hi! Everyone! I’m using oembed on one of my templates and I’m experiencing a rare issue.
When oembed is present on the page my responsive menu (hidden by default) appears doing a opacity transition. Its like a little flick.
I’ve experienced something similar before when is an an empty field on the panel but in this case all is filled. I have php debug mode on but is not showing anything.
Here is how I’m calling oembed maybe the error is there.

 <?= $page->trailer()->oembed(); ?>

Thanks in advance, best regards.

Could it be a css transition on an element sharing the same class?

Hi @Malvese! No they aren’t sharing any class.

I’ve disabled oembed css and js and the error persist.
I strongly feel It could be related with the panel or something but I don’t how to debug this. Could be related with the translations?

Does this only happen if you are logged in to the panel?

Do you get any js errors?

It happens in both cases. Logged and not logged. No js errors.

I don’t see how this would be related to the panel then.

Is the site already live? Then we could take a look at it directly.

Yes is not related with the panel, I mean with the project data. What I’ve experienced before (not using oembed) was If i didn’t fill out all the fields in the panel occurs a identical error. In this case if I only delete the lines where I call oembed in the template all work fine.

Nop, not yet, still on early development phase. I will try to upload it soon.

Sounds weird. Well, let us know when you have uploaded your project.