Odd behaviour in Blocks Writer field

Wondering if anyone can shed some light on this.

When typing into a blocks writer field (I’ve tried text and quote blocks so far) hitting a double space after an existing space will jump the insertion point to the end of the text.

So say you enter a line of text, then go back and put the insertion point after a space in the middle and hit the space twice then then type, only one character is entered at this point and then suddenly your insertion point (and the rest of the word you’re typing) is at the end of the text.

This is in a clean 3.5.1 starer kit. And seems to be only when editing in the overlay panel not when editing directly in the field on the page.

Is this an Apple thing? I’m using a Mac and I know that the Mac OS does some auto replacement where a double space is instead input as a full stop + space (my thinking being that somehow this insertion point then has some invisible quality to it – much like iPhone remembers where you had a capital and recreates that state if you go back and edit).
But if it is the OS then why only in the overlay? And how to disable it?

Has anyone else experienced this? Or able to repeat it?

It’s a small thing but slightly annoying to have to remember.
Thanks in advance.

It’s the same as here: Writer field cursor jump

Looks as if the issue hasn’t been reported yet, at least I could only find a similar issue for the writer field.