No warning message when uploading a file with the same name

Has something changed recently. I’m sure there used to be an error message preventing you from uploading a file with the same name.

Right now when I upload any file with the same name it just overwrites the existing file with no warning. This also happens in the plain kit.

In what context does this happen? In a files section?

Please post steps to reproduce?

It happen in both a files section, or when uploading to a file field type.

That is pretty vague. Are you trying to upload the exact same image?

The expected behaviour is: If you try to upload the exact same file, the upload is simply ignored and no error message shown. If you try to upload a different file with the same filename, you will get an error message.

Sorry, yes it was the same few files although I had resaved them so I’m not sure what Kirby does to detect it’s the same if it ignores the files modified time. Just tried again with a completely different file and I get the warning message. Sorry, I feel a bit stupid now.

Kirby checks for duplicates via sha1 hashes.

This change was introduced to improve the user experience.

Absolutely no need to.