Newbie's adventure with K : episode 1

Let me answer the difference between templates and blueprints by quoting myself:

So if you want to change the way your content is displayed on the website, you need to modify your template.

To put the text before the slider, you need to put this part:

<div class="container">
<?php echo kirbytext($page->text()) ?>

before this bit:

<div id="slideshow">
<?php foreach($page->images()->sortBy('sort', 'desc')->flip() as $img): ?>
<div class="item"><img src="<?php echo $img->url() ?>" alt="<?php echo $img->title() ?>" title="<?php echo $img->title() ?>" data-description="<?php echo $img->description() ?>"></div>
<?php endforeach ?>

BTW: to make your code more readable, could you pls. enclose it within three backticks at the beginning and the end of the code block in a separate line. I have edited your code above. To see how this works, you can click on the pencil icon to get into editing mode.