Newbie question : adding the microsite template from the demo to the starter kit

hello there,

sorry for the newbie question :blush:
i’ve installed kirby with the starter kit, then i downloaded the master files from the demo site from github (
i’m trying to extract all the files from the demo site regarding the template “microsite” to add them to my server in order to use them but it didn’t work
a microsite page have been created (here : but no content and no elements in the panel
thanks in advance

What you need to make this work:

  • a content folder with a text file called microsite.txt
  • the microsite.php template from /site/templates/
  • maybe the header and footer snippets from /site/snippets/microsite
  • the Builder plugin

i have all the files
i think i might have an issue with the builder plugin because i’ve just copy / paste the files

the readme of the builde pluggin say :
### Direct Download
Alternatively you can download the zip file, unzip it’s contents into site/plugins/kirby-builder.

there must be something else :thinking:

The page model from /site/models?

yes, i’ve also pasted it to my server

What about the block snippets that are needed to output the builder content (/site/snippets/blocks)? Make sure to copy them into the same subfolder as in the demokit.

@texnixe well done !
idk what happened, i missed them in my sources files
it worked
but i think i need to add some CSS also
see ->