Need to only allow selection and NOT upload in image block

Hello there,
I have a site that allows you to use blocks to create custom pages full of media. Since all media is saved in a central “gallery” the editor should never upload media directly to the block, but rather select it from the central “gallery”. I would like to enforce this by disabling the upload option in the file field in blocks, is this even possible? Not having any luck trying different things in the blueprint.

Thanks in advance!

Well, yes, don’t know what you tried, but you can set uploads: false in the files field: Files | Kirby CMS

Note that you don’t have to disallow uploads. To make it easier for the user it might make sense to set the upload destination to your central gallery. See the linked documentation.

Thank you, i had in the singular and not plural (uploads).
In terms of the destination, that may also be an alternative.