Need help in blueprints

Hello everyone,i want to make something like this here’s screenshots;

Here’s my page

And here’s USERS -> USERNAME

I want to make autocompletion from normal page to user page…
Can anyone help me?

I’m afraid I don’t quite understand what you want to achieve? Do you mean add the same content in the user content file? Or call the content in your templates?

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Yes i want call the content in my templates

If I understand that correctly, you want to create a new user from the user field, when a new document is added in the document page?

You could use a hook together with $users->create() to achieve that.

I wanna make the tour site contain required file section. Admin can define required documents (pdf) and documents automatically prints by all users screens non arrival and each user must physically send this documents to admin. When this documents reach to the admin he can set for each user independently arrivals documents section.

How can i define this option with kirby? Can i do this with hook option? or something else?


Does the user get this information in the frontend? Then you don’t need to have the information in the user settings, do you? But you could get the information from the document page and output it on the frontend user page.