My Panel Wishlist

In a textarea of the actual nightly download of kirby we see (only) four buttons:

Within the file \panel\app\fields\textarea\buttons.php there are two buttons (image and file) commented out. Why?

It would be nice to have more buttons and there more fields (for e.g. “class=”), like an old post for kirby v1:


I agree. Actually, there have been a few projects in which I would have liked to implement some kind of custom functionality for my customers (e. g. approving comments). Custom views/controllers for the panel and dashboard widgets would be great in order to give everyone the possibility to extend the panel in a simple way.

Further, it would be great to be able customize all page-related labels on a per-template basis. This would make the panel even easier to use for non-tech-savy customers.


Custom widgets are already a possibility. I’ve created one to access some “Theme Setting” pages that I’ve hidden from the left column.

Bastian just shared a basic approach this morning. Add the files to /site/widgets/myWidgetName


I would love multi language panel labels, maybe like so:

      - en: Title
      - de: Titel
    type: text
      - en: Excerpt

Assuming the installation’s default language is ‘en’ the user would then see the english label, exactly as it happens with content files.

@FabianSperrle: This has been possible since Kirby 1 and I don’t think it has been removed, just not documented anywhere anymore …

You can just do the following:

      en: Title
      de: Titel
    type: text
      en: Excerpt
      de: Zusammenfassung

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be working for me and actual my language codes de-de, de-ch, en. I thought it might be about the hyphen not being valid in identifiers, but changing it to a underscore doesn’t help (apart from the fact that renaming all content files is quite off-putting…)

On my wishlist: possibility to change template via the panel …


To conceptualize this further: What would you like to happen with the data? I assume it would stay the same for fields with the same name. What about fields that do not exist anymore in the new template/blueprint? Threw the data away or keep it in the context file for the case that you want to switch back? What about fields with the same name, but different form types (e.g. textarea in the old, select in the new)?

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I’d rather keep the data of fields that do not exist in the new template, in case I wanted to switch back. As regards fields with the same name, I don’t know what would work best without breaking anything. That would depend on the content, so maybe keeping the original content but validate upon saving?

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Sometimes you have very complex page structures requiring many different content fields in the panel. In those cases, it’d be great to be able to group the fields, e. g. by using tabs.

(I know there are section headers and dividers available as “field types”, but this is not the kind of grouping I’m thinking of.)

It could be done with some javascript by dividing the form based on headers or any other field. As tabs, or as an accordion with some “panels” collapsed by default.
But yeah, there is no container div for such “groups”, so the js may be a bit tricky and fragile.

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I created a replacement for the headline field that groups all content until the next headline field in an accordion. There’s no special instructions or syntax. Simply create a headline for each content group / section you want and it should work. Let me know if you find any issues.


The new hooks in Version 2.1 are great. Thanks, Bastian!

+1 for the “dashboard widgets” mentioned in the first post by BenSeitz. :+1:

I always add quick screencasts / tutorials to any admin panel explaining the workflow for all content types for my clients (which is easy to do in Wordpress in Joomla for instance).

With Kirby right now, I have to edit the panel/app/views/dashboard/index.php directly, which feels just a little too hacky.

Panel Widgets are already possible, I’ll try to find the link …

Hey, thanks :smile:

I’ll try it out - have you used this / is this ready for prime time? This thread seems to suggest otherwise Plugins: Combine fields, widgets, methods

This plugin by @DieserJonas actually uses panel widgets:, also Kirby 2.1 has seen some changes:

Optional widgets. Widgets can now return false to not appear in the dashboard. This is great to ask for user roles and show/hide widgets accordingly.

OK thanks I’ll make sure to try this out. :+1:

cmd+enter works. Boom!