Multiple authors to a blog post in kirby 3

Please I need help on how to select multiple authors to a post, I can do it if it’s only one author but I am having issues making multiple authors to a post. I used select method but only published email, I want avatar and name and bio.

You can use a users field:

At the end of the page, you can see how to use it in templates to fetch information about the user:

Please do not post the same question multiple times!

I have searched the forum for 2 days but couldn’t fix it

I need the avatar and name, i did something that could only get the emails listed

Have you tried the example from the docs that Sonja has linked to above? You can extend that with more function calls like $user->name().

yes, it does not display anything whenever i select 2 authors. It only work for single

No, there are two examples in the docs, toUser() for a single user, and toUsers() for multiple users. If you want multiple users, you have to use the second example from the docs.

yes, i did but it’s blank when 2 authors are selected

Still not working, and you never show how to display the avatar

It would help if you provide your code, blueprint and template.