Move Page to Subpage

I just wrote an awesome blogpost in Kirby.
Unfortunately I didn’t create it as a subpage but as an page.
Is there a way to move it?

So now I’ve got:

 - blog
 - blogpost

But it should be:

  - blog
     - blogpost

In the panel there’s no way I know of, but if you have FTP access you can simply drag the folder containing the blogpost inside the folder of the blogs, e.g.


contents/1-my-blog/[maybe more files]
contents/20150826-awsome-post/[maybe more files]


contents/1-my-blog/[maybe more files]
contents/1-my-blog/20150826-awsome-post/[maybe more files]

The numbers 01 and the date 20150826 are likely different in your content folder. Furthermore the folder and/or template names may differ

That’s unfortunate. Because if I would get someone FTP access, I wouldn’t need a panel.
Perhaps that is something to consider for future releases.

Generally you would make sure that the page can’t even be created in the wrong place by enforcing which templates are supported for child pages. It doesn’t really make sense to create a blog post outside of a blog anyways.

But yes, this is a feature that may come to Kirby at some point.

see also… Move Page Level