Most common errors / 'gotchas' when developing with Kirby

Every now and then, you see topics from developers who couldn’t get the Kirby install to work. Is it an idea to extend the the docs at the ‘installation issues’ ( for these common problems? Most of the time, it’s an .htaccess that’s missing or a PHP version that’s too low for Kirby or somethings that’s easy to check yourself.

It could help new users to fix the problems themself as well and saves time for the moderators at the forum.

Possible topics:

  • I’m getting a white screen
  • Redirects don’t work, only the homepage (already exists, I see :slight_smile: )
  • etc.
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Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:. There is already a troubleshooting section, but it could do with some additions.

“I did var_dump($page->something) and it crashed my browser.”

I created an issue on GitHub.