Message: plugin "x" has already been registered. After updating to 3.1.0

Hi all,

i have updated my project to version 3.1.0 via composer.
Now i am getting the error message above.
I have figured out that there is a new folder in the plugins dir, called: superplugin.

In the superplugin/index.php file the modul “x” will be registered. Also in the config file of the module. Offcomment the entry in the supermodul/index.php solves the problem.

Is the superplugin folder needed?

I have never heard of a superplugin folder, I have no idea where that might be coming from but you can certainly safely delete it.

Sure you are not requiring it anywhere in your composer file?


i have deleted the superplugin folder. really strange where it comes from. Works!
thx alot!

I also noticed a superplugin folder (without having any errors).

Seems like @sylvainjule forgot to name his pagetable’s plugin folder?! :wink:
I read that he updated his plugins to work with the new pluginkit setup recently (that’s probably why it started to appear in the plugins folder but can be removed without effect when installed via composer?!).

@texnixe the name could actually come from the plugin related docs since they all use “superplugin” as naming example.

Indeed it might have come from one of my plugins, copy-pasted too quickly from the docs. But it was about a week ago though, everything should be fixed now?

Thanks @sylvainjule for the reply (and of course for all your great plugins :blush::+1:)

I just tried it, deleted the folder and reinstalled the plugin with composer update.
This installs version 1.0.2 but the folder is still named “superplugin”, although your commit 8 days ago dealt with this?! :thinking:

Try this again ? I pushed the fix to 1.0.1 instead of 1.0.2 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Perfect, the plugin folder gets named “pagetable” now :slight_smile:

But it seems that the class attribute for columns is gone.
The DOM inspector reveals <td class="row-undefined"> everywhere.

I saw the tbl branch where class is not defined anymore.
Should I file an issue on your repo or is there anything else I could help you with? :wink:

Try updating again? It should be fixed. :slight_smile: I’ll merge the tbl branch soon but I still want to find time to do some testing. Else, yes please open an issue on Github :wink:

Awesome, now everything works as expected again :slight_smile::+1:
Thanks for the quick fixes and sure, take your time!

Not sure if this is still helpful to anyone, but I was facing the same error today (v4.0.2).

Turns out, I had two plugins without an index.php file because they just add functionality for the panel.

Simply adding the following to the index.php you are good to go.


Kirby::plugin('author/plugin-name', []);