Make graph using YAML files

Quick question to gather tips before I go in exploration mode:

I’m gonna build an online questionnaire that users can fill out using <forms> and checkboxes etc. For each questionnaire received, I saved the data in a YAML file.

What I would like to to is to compare all the files collected over a period of time and make a graph out of them: is there a way to make this on the kirby panel somehow, by pulling each value from every field and counting when it is countable (eg checkboxes) and cluster words when it is an open question?

I never used YAML before for this kind of things, so I even wonder if this is a good way to achieve the result I have described above. Of course the kirby panel option would be great, but even only some initial direction on how to move in this case would be greatly appreciated.


YAML can’t really be read by the Panel, but you could create subpages for each form submission. That data could be displayed in a dashboard widget or in a custom field.