Made with Kirby and <3

My personal Homepage which advertises my template…made with my template.
Your thoughts and criticism are very much appreciated, the hero will change soon i guess to be less blank:

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My second Site done with Kirby! The Music-School »Johann Nepomuk Hummel« in Weimar, Germany. Designed by Nina Buschendorf and Johanna Mehner:


And my first site with Kirby. A history-site for a local sports club in Weimar, Germany. Designed by Goldwiege:


Lovely website, illustrations & animations. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you!

Nice. Studied in Weimar myself, that brings back memories. :slight_smile:

I’d be more curious about the Panel setup, though.

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Very good and nicely done site, thanks for sharing!

I have a rough concept in my mind for a site about »vanished buildings« in general. Even though the background is a different one it would work a lot like this site does.

Me too, and I came back to Weimar rather soon :slight_smile:

I can add some panel shots, though they are not that special, I’d think.

Finally deployed the new website for the branding agency I am part of:

Made with Kirby 4 and lots of :heart:

Here’s a glimpe into the panel:


Using favorite partners and tools, we created the website for AH4, the leading family law experts in Switzerland.

  • GSAP JS for the scrolling
  • Lottiefiles for the moving
  • Alpine JS for the components
  • Tailwind CSS for the good looks
  • Laravel Mix for putting all things together
  • Of course Kirby CMS for dealing with the content
  • Molinari Design for the Webdesign
  • And :heart: for all the rest