Made with Kirby and <3

#391 - Stein Lampert.
Design and concept: go biq
Code by me


A website built for a french “Boat school / Boat licenses”:
System Boat Academy


Danke, ich denke es ist die mobile nav. KOnnte den fehler aber noch nicht reproduzieren.


I recently collaborated developing this website about maritime regulation and technology powered by Kirby.


Design and theming by me.


A new website of mine is online:


@flokuek, @schnti: Hey guys, could you please stick to English in this forum? Thanks.


My first kirby cms theme :slight_smile: Demo:


We recently released our first web shop completely based on our lovely Kirby CMS :slight_smile:!
FanBike is one of the biggest provider in Germany for popular soccer club licensed bike products and equipment.

Give it a try at


It’s nice… images could do with optimising though, loads quite slow for me and I’m on a 65mb fibre connection :slight_smile:


You should seriously consider to optimize the images. The main image took 47 seconds to load on my 50Mbit connection and has 6.4 MB.


Sorry, I forgot to optimaze. Will be fixed asap! :slight_smile:


My Second kirby cms theme :slight_smile: Brilliance Theme


I’m more than happy to share the new version of Humans Vs Robots site, totaly rewritten on Kirby 2.4 and Bootstrap 4.0.

HVSR is a music discovery site and blog, featuring some of the most compelling italian music journalists.


This site looks really really nice! :slight_smile:


Here’s my site created with Kriby.


Hi guys, just released a new site for a real estate agent:
Based on Kirby 2.4 it imports most assets from the Open Immo standard.


may I ask, why you are not using any easing transitions ? just curious


@novacanye But i do? Admittedly not many though. Partly because of the briefing & partly because I often get the feeling of transitions being overused.


@tojai: May I suggest that you reduce text line length to make your text more readable by either limiting container width and/or using a bigger font size on desktop?