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Hey Kirby-Folks,
I just finished a redesign for an ancient building in the german town Jena which is available to rent and where cultural events (like concerts or lections) are held. Main-Features are:

I would like to take a second and say thank you to - of course the kirby-team - but all other AWESOME plugin providers who made my daily work much easier: @fabianmichael (ImageSet & ImageKit), jenstornell (stopped counting all the plugins), iandoe (dominant color), @flokosiol (focus), TimOetting (gallery field), JonasDoebertin (markdown field), … Thank you!

Of course if anybody is interested in any code I will do my best to provide it.



I recently relaunched is a portal since 1999. In three languages and more than hundred pages and articles I talk about evergything to do with shortwave radio.

I built this site from the scratch although I’m not a developer but the author. So it was quite a hard job. Now I am happy to be online with the fourth version of this site.

Cheers, Daniel


Hey all,

I recently built and launched my first Kirby website PrimoCSS. PrimoCSS is a framework which provides the prime starting blocks for any frontend requirements.

A few things about it:

  • Built using SCSS and Gulp
  • Simple and awesome flex grid system
  • Fully responsive
  • Built to help start any project and not impose design mantras or patterns so you can build your own

Please take a look at the whole site here


On Monday we launched an information website for a new full-electric carsharing/pedelec-sharing project in Offenbach/Germany. The booking and reservation system is integrated via iFrames, but all marketing content is being edited via Kirby.


After a lot of projects for which I couldn’t use Kirby, I finally have a website to show off here. I just love the clients reactions when they look at the panel the first time. These guys had a Joomla website before that :sweat_smile:


I really love the simple and clean design! :heart_eyes:


Finally rebuilt my blog and upgraded to Kirby 2.5.2



I just recently upgrade my portfolio website with kirby:

I am a freelance UX/UI Designer & Front-end dev. from Toulouse, France and I love kirby.


Its nice but why do i have to click a button to see the rest of the site? Thats very retro!



It’s my “vintage” side! ;D

All joking aside i’m still looking for ways to quickly present my areas of competence more efficiently and above all in a more ergonomic way.


Once I click the initial button, I cant then do anything. The scrollbar is expanding in size and then scrolls me back to the top. Haven’t the time to look into it and see what’s causing it mind.



Thank you for your feedback.
Can you tell me with which browser (and its version) and on which OS ?



@bgierlich es gibt einen kleinen Bug
beim Seitenwechsel erscheint kurz eine 2. Scrollbar und dadurch
ein unschöner ‘Wackler’.


It’s always a tricky thing with your own portfolio. I’ve lost count how many times I have redone my own. Just remember the KISS principle


I finally launched this website: (german)


Hi there,

these are the 3 kirby powered sites I designed and built: (static html generated out of kirby by bastians generator)


Nice to see you’re alive and kicking. :+1:


My website:
Small changes to come and maybe a blog that will talk about development, serigraphy and Kirby

#389 - Denkmalverein Hamburg.
Design by the great
Code by me


:astonished: this thing is great!