Made with Kirby and <3


Today another Kirby based site has launched:


Nothing special, but my personal website shows, that it is also possible to link kirby with some powerfull APIs like Instagram and Flickr.

The reason why i like kirby so much:

  • It is super lightweight and flexible as hell.


This website looks amazing. I would really like to know how to build something like this. I dropped you a message with a question, if you have some time please take a look. Thanks.



Here are two recently published websites, the first one also has a webshop running with kirby that’ll be launched pretty soon :


Really love that Solid website, good work :wink:

@sylvainjule: little bit of feedback tho, i would avoid overriding the default browser scrolling mechanism, it feels slow on mobile and it will for sure stutter on slower mobile devices, i know it looks good but it is considered bad practice.


For one of our business partners I realized a new design of his website with kirby. It’s plain HTML, LESS, PHP and UIKIT … and Kirby :-).


Website for Vicente Parrilla.



2 new themes for Kirby.
MiMa & Tempo


Hi, I Just add an other simple onepage theme - Variations


Hi Fellaz!

One more simple small Site powered by Kirby!

Saludos, Funkybrotha


Together with a friend (Simon Wiesmayr) we built a new website for a concert venue in Karlsruhe, Germany. It was my first time using Kirby for a professional project. Using the latest version of Kirby made it really easy to get things done. Big thanks to @bastianallgeier and his team.

Also thanks to @flokosiol for writing the Kirby Focus plugin. It did exactly what I expected it to do. Great work.



I’m new here. My first Kirby project in the wild: Präsenzdesign, a client website showcasing the services of personal coach Martina Ottmann.

Immediately fell in love with Kirby and the way its content and templates are structured. Most likely many more Kirby projects will follow in the future. Cheers Bastian!



Fast and clean website


:computer: I built a new site for the ballet studio of my mom along with a new branding & photography. (Only available in German.)

More information on my portfolio.


I finally launched this website:
Naturheilpraxis Kalbitz
There is still a lot of polishing to do yet.


Hey ho,

my second website build up with Kirby and… Love! of course :wink: (german)


We built the official website of the best German Gin out there with our lovely KirbyCMS! :wink:

Give it a try:


You should consider adding hyphens: auto; to improve the typography :wink:


Thanks for that! That makes a big difference!


A new minimalist blogging theme for Kirby.